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In 2003 NASA sent the Mars rover over a mission to the red planet to uncover exactly what the martian landscape was like. Since the inception of the mission NASA has spent about 924 million dollars. This is not so much money the fact that the Endeavor shuttle cost about 1.7 billion dollars. A lot of information was gathered by these Mars rovers. The little robots also lasted far beyond what you were designed to on the martian landscape. One major setback to the rovers is they really go to town the soft sand that mars comprises of. They are agile and will maneuver into and away from may areas, when caught within the quick sand of mars they're useless. The mars rovers also can be guided with tools for example video cameras, thermal sensors, and drills to gather data.

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Thanks to innovations in solar lighting, holiday frustration isn't necessary. A recent article in The Bay Area News tells of a wife's idea of introducing solar lighting to her husband who prefers wired lights. His lack of willingness to initially accept solar lighting leads his wife to enlist her friend, author Marni Jameson, to help with the installation. Intimidated initially, the ladies soon found that installation was not too difficult. They were even able to use high heeled boots to secure the lights in the hard ground. Uncertain if their efforts were successful, both the friends opt to wait and discover. The following evening, her husband can be so impressed with the solar lights that he was ready to get more green technology. This is the benefit of solar lighting; ease and ingenuity. The best time for it to plant flowers or even vegetables in your garden completely is dependent upon what region of the United States your house is in and what that particular climate is. If you are unsure, be sure you ask a neighbor that likes to garden or some sort of landscape professional for the best time for it to start planting so it's not too early and is killed by frosty nights. Also, prior to deciding to plant, it is very important lay down some kind of mulch to help you maintain nutrients and moisture for the plants and also keeps many of the pesky weeds down. Do not put plastic liners below the mulch; only a heavy quantity of mulch is going to be good.

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If you are considering starting a vegetable garden, you might want to consider installing a tiny raised bed which you could control the prosperity of the growing using better soil with no weeds coming in. Starting a vegetable garden is a superb strategy to incorporate your kids on living a far more self sustaining life, however, if you've never done it before, make sure you start off with just a few items to start with.